As I am now a mother of 3 beautiful girls under the age of 5 I feel I have no choice but to try and embrace the “natural” look!  Full makeup & hair to perfection is definitely a luxury!

So if I can’t feel somewhat glamorous I’m happy to feel fresh & hope for the best! These are 5  My must have products for my survival kit ……


1) 2Phase, It’s an absolute must for every mammy, it’s a light leave-in conditioner, great for detangling and contains tea tree which can help keep LICE away, my hair is very knotty when wet so use it on myself and daily on my two older girls, if summer had a smell it would smell like this I love it.

2)  Pestle&mortar SERUM. On clean skin I use it before bed & in the morning,  I’ve being using this since we first got it last year in Eternal flair, I definitely think it evens out my skin tone and gives me a fresh feeling, I ran out of this for a couple of weeks and it was then I realised how much I loved it as I really missed it on my skin, followed by the new MOISTURISER it definitely finishes off the fresh feeling on my face, it is not at all heavy or greasy and a little pump goes a long way! I really look forward to using their new night serum too.

3) Nioxin After having a baby your hair can suffer by shedding & feeling lifeless, The more you worry about it the worse it gets, all the daily hair you didn’t shed whilst pregnant starts to fall out along with your daily shedding that starts back after your baby is born, mine hasn’t started to thin but is definitely shedding so I’m getting ahead of it by using the 3 part system which is.. Shampoo Conditioner & a Scalp Treatment spray after your hair is washed you spray this on areas that might concern you it circulates the blood flow to encourage your strongest hair growth , and it all comes in one KIT that is estimated to last up to a month .. Mine actually lasted a little more than that. It’s also a great shampoo if you have any scalp issues or worries.

4) Nioxin Night Density Rescue Again trying to keep on top of my hair thinning I have been using this at night, mostly around my hair line I drip 2-4 drops and massage it in, you then feel little tingle, it is an intensive treatment that goes on your scalp, it doesn’t leave any trace of greasiness or anything oil in your hair.

5)  Perfect Me EIMI So as I don’t have too much time styling my hair after I wash & brush out & towel dry my hair, I put a little bit of this in my hands and spread it in the ends, it’s like a cream feels lovely, you can use before and after drying, STYLING after applying wet I blast my hair off nearly 100% then smooth over it with a brush in 3 sections then I would apply perfect me again to smooth the ends, My hair isn’t naturally straight or curly it’s a fuzzy in between, if I get to blow-dry it great then it’s somewhat smooth the next day, if not and I’ve just blasted it dry I tend to a do a less than 5 minutes job on it the next morning where I curl about 6 diagonal sections, 2 either side at the front and 2 at the back, then shake it out using the perfect me Cream, creating a tasselled look which is also a handy SUMMER look and with a bit more time & effort along with a Braid it is a lovely FESTIVAL LOOK too.

So for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Anniversaries… I make sure I help choose my gift, so therefore the essentials are stocked up, because when you are running out the door with 3 children, and barely after looking in the mirror at least I know my hair & face feels fresh.

Gina x

Gina will be back  from Maternity leave every  Saturday from the 23rd July