Going Grey is Trendy!

katie grey

Going Grey Is Trendy

By Katie Cornally stylist @ Eternal Flair


Thought going grey was a nightmare?

Dreading the day you find your first silver hair?

Think again grey hair has exploded the industry with celebrities  such as Rihanna and Ellie Goulding being spotted rocking the silver hues on and off the red carpet. Even younger people such as myself have been experimenting with the new ‘granny’ grey everyone is  looking for and personally im loving it!
But its not just for the younger generations, as a hairdresser, you know as soon as a client sits in your salon chair your expertise is the catalyst to create the look that identifies who she really is, therefore revealing the clients ‘true colour’ embracing your natural grey can give you just that. But before jumping on the bandwagon here are a few tips you should consider before making the change.
pick a shade to suit you. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone to ensure the colour doesnt wash you out, this can be done with the help of your hairdresser.
-get your hair in tip top condition. The process of achieving grey of course may be damaging on the hair  but you can minimise any damage by getting your hair in good condition beforehand, try treating your hair to some TLC before you start the process by investing in a good deep conditioning treatment which you can purchase in salon.
Leave it to the professionals. There is nothing worse than a botched home dye job, so leave it to us to create your beautiful new hair while also keeping your hair protected.
Be realistic. Going grey is on the same line as going blonde, it may take a couple of trips to the salon to achieve that perfect grey, but do not fret it will all be worth it in the end.
Aftercare is key. Of course like any colour service you should always have an aftercare system in place be it conditioning treatments or specialised
shampoo to maintain that perfect shade, ask your hairstylist what they recommend for your hair and take it from there.
The grey hair trends are perfect for the upcoming spring/summer seasons with all the latest trends being inspired by the natural Beautys of the world. So get yourself into your stylist and start your process