“Great Lengths” The world leader in Hair Extensions By Aileen Barnby

For the past 4 years I have been a Great Length’s certified stylist trained by Ciera Lambert the extension specialist, I completely fell in love with the brand and since then have applied many Great Length’s, and a high percentage of my clients are repeat business clients as they fall in love with them just as much as I have and would never consider any other type of extension after having Great Lengths.

I have seen lots of different types of hair and helped many woman achieve their desired look including myself which I wore them for 6 months . I minded them as I was told and they lasted with no damage to my own hair!!!

I suppose there are so many extension brands out there but what make great lengths stand out are there bond and hair quality!

The hair is applied using a keratin bond which keratin is the substance found in our hair naturally. I apply them using cold/hot heat hot only touching the bond and cold touching the hair so meaning no heat applied to their own hair so NO DAMAGE

You can be assured that Great Lengths’ unique bonds have been scientifically proven not to cause damage to healthy hair when applied correctly and well maintained

Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and should only be applied to healthy hair. Hair must be at least 5cm in length to ensure comfortable, discreet attachments. There are some medical conditions that may make a minority of clients unsuitable for extensions. Suitability is discussed during a consultation – these are always free and no-obligation

The bonds are also tiny and light not visible looking, which I totally love. There is nothing worse than seeing fine hair tied up and seeing  Britany Spears like bonds sticking out!!

The hair is 100% human which I know a lot of hair extension companies also say but is not necessarily true, Great Length’s buy the hair from Indian temple woman who donate the hair then is treated/coloured in a special non damaging way so even after 6 months of curling blow-drying etc. the hair still feels like silk!!!!


aileen holding hair

I suppose with this amazing, non damaging hair extension comes the big question……


How much will my Great Lengths hair extensions cost?

The cost of Great Lengths hair extensions is determined by the length of the hair required, the quantity of bonds, your colour choices, and the time required for application by your chosen stylist. The best way to get an accurate price for your desired look is at a salon consultation

Great Lengths are unique to every client as every clients hair is unique so we cannot give a price without seeing the hair.

Call in for a no obligation consultation .

If your happy to go ahead with booking, we require a 50% deposit before we order hair .

It can take up to 4 working days for the hair to arrive .

Great Length’s come in over 55 different colours and over 7 different lengths to suit absolutely every one

But you  also have to remember it is so important to maintain them after you leave me ,


aileen great lengths products

Which I will go through step by step and you will leave with a maintenance pack which includes shampoo, conditioner, anti tap water, A suitable brush and leave in conditioner, The most important is shampoo I cannot express to clients how important that while you are wearing great lengths you must use the shampoo as it will help not break down the bonds, my other must is the anti-tap which is a water hardener which helps your bonds stay hard especially protecting against excess sweat or grease.

Conditioners are also good for use only on the ends and mid lengths!!!


What will my hair be like when the hair extensions are removed?

Once you have had your extensions removed, your hair needs to be washed and conditioned to clean away any residue from the removal gel and bonds. If you have maintained your extensions well, there will be no damage, and you may find that your natural hair has grown more quickly than usual


aileen great lenghts client

I have chosen 1 transformation picture to use and it’s my client Aoife ( to see more check out Eternal Flairs Facebook page)

Aoife has been getting great lengths with me 2 years now and absolutely loves them, her hair is fine and damaged from colour, she wanted more volume and also length,

I used 100 strands and 40cms in 4 different colours !!!


susan mcfadden

Susan Mc Fadden, One of my gorgeous “Great Lengths” Clients .

So if u are thinking a fuller fringe a full head of length or just feel a bit scarce on top call into me for a free consultation you are in good hands…..

For any more information

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