Looking Good Feeling Great This Valentines

Love yourself this month

By Laura Hickey

Feeling Good


So it’s the month of love and if you’re in a relationship or not, you won’t be happy if you don’t love yourself and we are here to help as if you look good you will feel Great.

One thing I know personally is when you look a million dollars you will feel it.

And yes we all want to look good for a partner or to catch someone’s eye but when you feel good you will have more confidence.

January is a good kick start to try kick bad habits. It starts from within so I’m trying to eat healthier and going to the gym  which I am  feeling great and getting more energy , so while this is Very important and thank God there is a lot of great gyms &  On line support out there to help everyone be healthier and fitter , Find the right source that suits you. As it does start from the inside and healthier lifestyle will give to that extra boost we all need.

I work in an industry that helps women feel good about themselves and there is nothing more rewarding in my job than making someone feel better about themselves.  The best pick me up I can give myself is to pop into salon on my day off and get my own colour done or treat myself to a beauty treatment, and that relief feeling you get when your roots are gone!!  so I understand how important my job is to that women who has had a bad day, is stressed out  and comes into us  to get cheered up and might come into salon looking and feeling bad but leave feeling a million dollars, at Eternal Flair  we stride to be “the Best part of our Clients day” and it’s such a rewarding feeling to know you have been.

We should all try to look our best whether it be on a daily basis or a special occasion. Now we don’t have to be wearing full make up every day but have your skin glowing, maybe do a micro dermabrasion treatment, Treat yourself to our Pestle & mortar Serum or moisturiser, Give your hair that extra shine and condition that lasts for weeks by adding the Olaplex treatment to your colour service. All these can help you look good  and hair & skin in top condition.

Thank God the awful recession is starting to lift and people are starting to treat themselves again, we all work so hard whether it’s full time Mammy or working in an office, every now and again we all deserve a treat.

I love nothing more than at the weekends getting all glammed up, so for me I always have one of the stylists blow-dry my hair and get full glam make up done by one of our MUA, but the prep starts mid-week when I get my nails & Full body as dark as they can go with my spray tan lol,  anyone who knows me will  know how much and how dark I love my tan.

Do what you love not what other people love.

I’m lucky to work in a salon where it’s all under one roof but when I have all my favourite treatments done I feel like I can conquer the world so I get great confidence and great self-esteem so in my eyes that’s money well spent .

So with Valentines approaching do it for YOURSELF!!!

Tell your partner instead of flowers to purchase you a lovely Gift card to use in salon

For a romantic night in or night on the town our team of Stylists, Makeup Artists & Nail technicians will look after you well

I hope to see you all soon to help YOU Feel Great


Lots of Love

Laura Hickey