Nail Trends This Season, By Maggie Brennan

My favourite nail trends this season

Almost everyone these days are getting their nails done, whether it’s getting them done every 2-3 weeks or just for special occasions’. A lot of us (and I am the worst) want the newest trend or the newest colour that is out.

I love having my nails done. I think because you use your hands for almost everything you’re looking at them a lot, and when you have your nails done, whether its gel extensions, Gelish polish or even just Morgan Taylor nail polish. You feel great and your hands look great too. (We have all 3 available in salon 😉

So my favourite NEW trends are:

Chrome/Mirror effect

nails chrome

You can have it on your own natural nails over our Gelish polish or you can have it on our gel nail extensions. It is applied using a fine powder, and only takes an extra few minutes..

It looks amazing on both.


nails ombre

This is when one colour fades in to another it can look great on both gel nail extensions and natural nails with a long nail bed or a free edge. You can have the ombre on all of your nails or just a couple. We apply the lighter colour first and then use a sponge to apply the darker colour to the nail.

Mermaid Dust

nails dust

The fine powder dust can be applied over gel nails, Gelish polish or our Morgan Taylor nail polish to create a shimmering effect on any colour you choose.

All of these new nail art trends can last between 2-3 weeks on gel nail extensions and Gelish polish, depending on how you look after your nails while you have either of these on.

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