The Bigger the Hair the closer you are to God!! By Thomas Henry

By Stylist Thomas Henry

Ok so we all want that perfect hair that just feels so silky light and bouncy, it expresses our bubbly fierce personality, when your hair is right you’re ready to take over the world and we are here to help you gals :)….

First off to achieve this you need to know exactly what shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling product to use , these are all very important in this procedure…Salon products are the way forward now girls so please please please dump your shop brands they aren’t doing your hair any good ,

In the salon we can assess your hair and give you advice on exactly what you need to achieve that smooth silky fresh and FABULOUS hair that we know you want…

Starting off you need the right shampoo that targets your hair type and gives your hair a proper cleanse to rid it of all the grease and product, volumising shampoo is great if you love volume and want it to feel very light on your scalp, there are so many different shampoos in salons so there is no need to buy them in your local supermarkets,

2 shampoos is what we recommend, then you need to apply your conditioner.

Remember you don’t need to fill your hands full of conditioner, a small bit goes a long way,

Massage into the hair for 2 min and rinse, if you’re prone to getting greasy hair quiet quick, you probably don’t need to apply conditioner to your roots when you wash your hair,

All of us at eternal flair have had a lot of training in professional products so are able to advise you on best products that most suit your hair & scalp needs.

Mousses are excellent to help add volume to your hair, you can also bring it down to through the ends as it stiffens the hair making curls last longer…

Dry me is am EIMI product from wella we have in salon too ,it’s like a dry shampoo which works for both volume and getting and extra day or 2 out of your hair if it’s a little greasy  ,its excellent for doing bumps or any kind of backcombing ,you just spray on the backcombed area and it lasts ages ,Root shoot another EIMI product I’m addicted to right now and works so well for volume on the root ,you section off where you want volume to be added and spray on the areas where needed ,it doesn’t leave your hair greasy or heavy it’s so light and weightless we sell a great range of these wella products in salon such as these..

Have you tried NIOXIN? one word AMAZING ,it targets hair loss and is proven to reduce hair loss and thicken hair after continues use ,it has a range or styling products too including mousse, hair serums hairsprays and of course my favourite product ever nioxin Diaboost ,this is a hair product that has amazed me from the first moment I tried it, you put it on your roots wet and you get ISTANT volume that lasts all day and night, we charge just €5 on top of your blow dry for this product as it’s a guaranteed beautiful volume blow-dry  ,a lot of my clients have it done each week as they get a very long lasting hairstyle,

Back combing the hair is a way to guarantee height and volume in your hair too but just always remember when removing the back combing DONT roughly brush it out, you have to tease it out with your fingers first by separating and untangling the part that’s backcombed, you will feel it softening up and untangling first then when it is nearly all out you can brush it out genlty, the last thing you want is broken hair always treat your hair with TLC..So with all this knowledge you been given why not pop into us and have some of these products tried in your hair and see for yourself 🙂

And remember the bigger the hair the closer you are to god 😉



Xxx Thomas


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