By Stylist  Lauralee

My Energy Code

My Energy Code

By Stylist LauraLee

Introducing System Professional Hair Products with ENERGYCODE™

System Professional is an industry leader in the science of hair care and now its scientists, in co-creation with top stylists, have succeeded in unlocking the secret to re-energizing and transforming hair. It’s through a ground-breaking discovery that each individual’s hair has its own hair energy profile that is as unique as a fingerprint, and that hair can be visibly transformed via a revolutionary new ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX.

Exclusively available at Eternal Flair , this major leap forward in the science of hair care has informed the creation of innovative and wholly new System Professional in-salon treatments and at- home product range Many of us want perfect hair, In fact we all do ! And now thanks to wellas System professional range and new technology’s we can have it!


For myself I crave Volume but have greasy roots and dry ends so not just one problem Id liked solved, a bunch!!

In salon we have all had our Energy Codes read,

My energy Code #P1, V3, H5

Which tells me to use a purify shampoo for my oily roots

A volume Mask to achieve more volume and a Hydrate leave in Spray for my dry ends.

After a week of using the products I already find a massive difference.

Like your skin we all want our hair to be fabulous yet a lot of us don’t actually take care of our hair properly. We would like to read all our clients energy codes so that in salon we know the best products your hair needs and we will use them in every visit which will help your hair feel at its best but why not keep up the good work at home? We provide samples if you like to try out first but it’s so important to keep up the good routine at home.

I cleanse tone & Moisturise my skin every night, your Hair needs the same care.

The new system professional products are fab! The packing is amazing.

To help treat your hair Eternal Flair Hair and Beauty are now offering System Professional HAIR ENERGY MAPPING – the first step towards restoring “Hair Energy”. Here we diagnose an individual’s unique hair energy profile using System Professional’s new HAIR ENERGY MAPPING using specialist diagnostic tools, a hand-held microscope and in-salon app to help determine the best treatment for your hair.


Pop in for Your Energy Code Reading today!!