The Ultimate guide to perfect Brows! By Kirstie Duggan

The ultimate guide to perfect brows!

By Kirstie Duggan


The first time I got my brows done it was all about thin brows which didn’t flatter anyone. A few years after that everyone seemed to be wearing tadpole brows, thick at the front and keeping that thin brow at the end. Now the thicker the brow the better but if you areĀ  guilty of over plucking I’m going to share some tips to help you achieve brows to die for.


First things first, send your brows on vacation- no plucking, waxing, tweezing! The first two weeks will be the toughest, do not give in I promise you it’ll be worth it. Make concealer your new best friend, use it to hide stray hairs and take away the unwanted rugged look. Most importantly own your bushy brows!


Patience is key, everyone’s brow growth varies. If you find your growth particularly slow why not invest in a serum to help? Or even better purchase some castor oil and apply nightly. This increases circulation and improves hair growth, the antioxidants also support the keratin in hair and make it stronger.


It’s finally time to see a brow expert. Pop into salon to Roisin or Maggie to get the perfect shape to compliment your face shape.


I’ve created a quick tutorial showing you how to make the most out of your new brows!


Click on link to see video

Brow Tutorial



Products used:

Disposable mascara wand, AYU brow brush (available in salon), INGLOT 16 brow gel & 22T concealer brush, Penneys PS liquid concealer.



– Using a disposable brow wand brush brows upwards and into place.

– Using a brow gel on an angled brush underline your brow following natural shape and extend tail if needed.

– Using hair like strokes feather excess product through the brow in the direction of the hair growth.

– Create arch and extend to meet tail.

– Again, feather product through the back of the brow to create thickness.

– Keep the front of the brow soft and natural, adding hair like strokes if needed.

– taking your concealer apply underneath your brow to correct any mistakes and give a nice clean finish.

– Drag concealer down onto lid, this will also act as an eyeshadow primer.

– Enjoy your brows!



Kirstie x